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Distributed Control System Trainer


Distributed Control System Trainer is equipment that is designed for studying the principle of Distributed control system used in Industrial Environments. Various software like SCADA, interfacing package, PLC/ Hybrid Controller/ Honeywell C 300 DCS Master Controller based data logging and Distributed Control facility; are used to bring the overall idea of its use. Master Controller available is required for Data, Send/ Receive commands to remotely placed controllers.

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  • Easy concept
  • User friendly
  • Inbuilt safety measures
  • Latest technologies
  • Safety against electrical shock
  • System frame with caster Wheel arrangement
  • M.S powder coated cubical plant
  • Standard instrument mountings
  • Electric Supply : 230 V AC 50 Hz.
  • System Dimensions : 4.5 Ft. (L) x 1.5 Ft. (W) x 4.5 Ft. (H)
  • Clean, Dry & Dust Free Compressed Air Supply : 2.1 Kg/cm3

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Applications :
  • Study of distributed control system
  • Study of calibration of transmitter
  • Study of communication protocols
  • Study of process control
  • Study of Individual Process Plants
  • Study of SCADA Application software

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