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Electro Pneumatic Trainer

The basic principle of Electro Pneumatic Trainer is to study about pneumatic control used in various industrial applications. With the help of this system, a user can give details about the components of pneumatic control systems. Our team has engrossed it with premium quality material and checked it at every point.

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  • Engrossed with profile plate
  • Compact deign
  • User friendly
  • Self explanatory systems
  • Leak proof safety
  • Enhanced Electrical safety
  • Training manuals
  • Inbuilt safety
  • Electric Supply : 230 V AC
  • System Dimensions : 1 Ft. (L) x 1 Ft. (W) x 1 Ft. (H)
  • Clean, Dry & Dust Free Compressed Air Supply : 7-8 kg/cm3
  • Working Pressure : 5-6 kg/ cm2

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Applications :
  • Operation of pneumatic control systems
  • Study of pneumatic actuator
  • Study of reciprocating cylinder trainer kit
  • Study of pneumatic cylinders, single and double acting
  • Construction and operation of pneumatic equipments

Advanced Electro Pneumatic Trainer

The system named Advanced Electro Pneumatic Trainer is meant for outlining the purpose of pneumatic control. This is used in various applications as it explains the system and their applications properly. It is designed using the best material procured from reliable vendors. The system is checked on the basis of quality at every step of its manufacturing.

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  • Ergonomic design
  • Relay board logic circuit operation
  • Inbuilt safety measures
  • M.S powder coated cubical plant
  • Equipped with training manuals
  • Enhanced electrical safety measures
  • Easy to operate
  • Self explanatory systems
  • Electric Supply : 230 V AC, 50 Hz
  • Dry, Compressed, Clean Air Supply : 4-5 Kg/cm3

Applications :
  • Study of Pneumatic and Electro-pneumatic Circuits
  • Study of various Pneumatic components
  • Operation of Advanced Electro Pneumatic Trainer

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Sap-20b - Advanced Customized Electro Pneumatic Trainer

We are Leading Supplier of Sap-20b - Advanced Customized Electro Pneumatic Trainer. It is meant for demonstrating the design, construction and application of electro hydraulic components and circuits. The components that are available can be mounted on an appropriate profile plate along with grooves for secure and positioning. These are clamped firmly, quickly and safely through quick fixes adaptors. This is fabricated so that students get hands on practical training.

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  • Design & function of Electro Hydraulic controls
  • Empower students to design their own circuits
  • Study of pressure & direction control
  • Study of sequencing operation of two cylinders
  • Study of electro-hydraulic control
Applications :
  • Study of hydraulic accumulator
  • Study of hydraulic motor
  • Study of cylinder control
  • Study of power pack control characteristics
  • Study of flow control
  • Study of hydraulic valves

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