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Hydraulic Trainer Basic

Our team has designed this Hydraulic Trainer Basic to outline the basic principle of Hydraulic Control System and its applications. For this purpose electronic proximity sensor and electro-mechanical actuators are used to meet the set international norms. It is known to elaborate different kind of hydraulic circuits like Meter-in circuit, Bleed-off circuit, and transverse and feed circuit.

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  • Sturdy design
  • User friendly
  • Self explanatory systems
  • Inbuilt safety measures
  • Avoid improper usage
  • Meet standard specifications
  • System frame with Caster Wheel Arrangement
  • M.S powder coated cubical plant
  • Standard instrument mountings
  • Available with training manuals and operating charts
  • Safety against leakage
System design
  • Self reciprocating cylinder
  • Manifold for distribution
  • Directional control valves. 4/2, 4/3 way
  • Engrossed with transverse and feed circuit
  • Wall mounting assemblies of hydraulic actuator
  • Contain hydraulic motor & hydraulic accumulator
  • Meter-in circuit, Meter-out and bleed-off circuit
  • Oil hydraulic power pack required for power supply
  • Available with optional component to ensure faultless operation
  • Double cylinder: bore diameter: 40 mm, stroke length: 75/100 mm
  • Single acting cylinder: bore diameter: 40 mm, stroke length: 75/100 mm

  • Study of hydraulic accumulator and hydraulic motor
  • Study of fundamental principles of hydraulics
  • Study of Hydraulic power pack
  • Study of meter-in circuit and meter-out circuit
  • Study of hydraulics actuators
  • Study of bleed-off circuit
  • Study of hydraulic valves
  • Study of transverse & feed circuit
  • Study of direction control
  • Sequencing the operation using pressure sequence valve
  • Study of speed control, pressure control and flow control
  • System dimensions : 3.5 Ft. (L) X 2Ft. ((W) X 4.5 Ft (H)
  • Capacity : 0.075 Ltrs.
  • Electric supply : oSingle - 230 V AC Hz/ Three phase – 415 V AC Hz

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Transparent Hydraulic Components

Enthralled with best manufacturing infrastructure, our team has innovatively designed Transparent Hydraulic Components. The equipment consists of transparent body or cut section of hydraulic components. This is done to give an idea of internal constructional features of hydraulic system. The product is manufactured with quality tested materials that can be availed from reliable vendors.

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System design
  • Sequence valve
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Cut section of gear pump
  • Single acting cylinder
  • Flow control valve
  • Double acting cylinder
  • Pilot operated pressure relief valve
  • Pressure reducing valve
  • Compact design
  • Robust construction
  • Comprehensive training manual
  • Modern industrial components
  • Items mounted on inclined perforated table
  • Proper acrylic door and locking arrangements

Applications :
  • Study of hydraulic actuators
  • Study of hydraulic control valves
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